You may recall that our boy Burton isn’t just handsome, he’s talented too. And his biggest talent is playing fetch.

His favourite way to play is to have me throw the ball down the stairs. At the old townhouse, that was a lot easier, as the upstairs hallway was small, and both my studio and bathroom had a straight line to the stairs. He loved it when I was in the bathtub – that was his absolute favourite time to play fetch.

This house, of course, isn’t set up quite the same way, so we stopped playing fetch as much. Every so often, when I was working in office, he’d bring me a ball. But the game never lasted very long. After a few months, he stopped playing all together.

But then Lemmy came along… and all of a sudden, Burton started bring my toys to throw again. Last weekend I was working in the sewing room, and he came sauntering in with his sparkly ball. If you look closely in the picture, you’ll see Lemmy lurking behind him.

I threw the ball for him several times, and every time, Lemmy was hot on his heels. I never taught Burton to play fetch, it was just something he did on his own… but I started to wonder if Lemmy might pick it up by watching him.

Eventually, Burton tired of the game and went off to nap. But Lemmy was still a little ball of energy. So I tossed another ball for him. And not long after…

I don’t know if it’s something he’ll keep up as he grows, but it was certainly cute!

9 thoughts on “Fetch

  1. Oh, so fun! Our cat George used to play fetch with a tennis ball. We used to say he was half dog. He would also play tag with the boys when they were little. I just saw a photo of George yesterday when looking at photos with Alex. I sure miss that cat a lot.


  2. Araignee

    Oh, my gosh! I love it. My kitties never play when I can see them but I know they do because the stuffed mice are all over the house every morning.


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