Kermie’s new threads

I am happy to report, that Little Kermit’s jumper knit up in a flash. I even surprised myself and had it cast on and cast off in just one evening.

I used this pattern: Pebbles Dog Sweater. It’s a very nice little pattern – simple and easy to follow. And like I said – knit up super fast.

It’s a pattern designed for a chihuahua, and since Kermit half chihuahua, I thought it would work well. I tweaked it just a bit to make it work better with the measurements Krista sent me.

And I learned an interesting fact: Apparently, many Chinese Crested dogs have allergies/sensitivies to real wool. So I made it out of some Patons Canadiana I had kicking around the stash.

Sadly, they aren’t the best pictures… but I don’t have a dog to model it on. (And I didn’t think the cats would volunteer)

I popped it in the mail last Thursday, so Krista should get it sometime this week. I’ll shared modelled pictures as soon as I have them.

9 thoughts on “Kermie’s new threads

  1. Araignee

    It’s perfect! Pup gets so much use out of her knit sweaters. I make them out of acrylic also so I can wash them often. Yorkies have plenty of hair to keep them warm but we keep her clipped even when it’s cold out. She’s a stinky little terrier who needs a bath at least once a week.


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