Big Spender November

I am sad to report, that No-Spender November has been a total bust.

It all began with a chair.

It might be hard to tell from the picture… But it’s not an adult-sized chair. It’s toddler-sized…. or as I thought when I first saw it – KITTY-SIZED. It was at our favourite used shop and was just $15.

And… all I could see was how cool it would look in the patio. So it just had to come home with me.

Dave’s already painted it in our signature green. I can’t wait for spring so I can put it out amongst the plants. And yes, I’m totally going to make a little cushion for it. Nothing but the best for my babies.

After buying that… it was just all downhill.

A few days later, I finally gave in a bought a basic metal bed frame. Our bed frame broke years ago, so we just made do with our box spring and mattress on the floor. But lately. Dave’s been complaining about the bed being too low. So a new bed frame was in order.

Of course, once I got the bedframe (which I ordered from Amazon – super easy to put together!), I decided I need to make a new quilt. There’s nothing really wrong with the ones I have – they just don’t hang over the sides as much as they should. Dave and I share a lot, but we don’t share blankets. And with the bed off the floor, my short blankets just look silly.

So… I went shopping for fabric.

I love the colours in my disappearing hourglass quilt, so I wanted to keep to something similar. Fat Quarter Shop had the above Fat Quarter bundle. Naturally, other things hopped into my cart so I could get free shipping.

The above fabrics (border and backing) were among them. Though there were several “just for fun” things including some cute cat fabric.

I managed to avoid the Black Friday Sales, but finally caved to Old Navy’s Cyber Monday.

And these two cute cardis are on their way to me now. And I know… I knit… but not fast enough and not for less than $30 a cardigan.

I’d like to say next month I’ll do better… but it’s December, so what’s the point?

January is going to be super thrifty though!

9 thoughts on “Big Spender November

  1. I can see why you bought that chair. It’s really cute painted green. It’s kind of like the, “if you give a mouse a cookie…” book. You HAD to buy a bed so of course you had to have a new quilt. And cardi’s? Of course. Good luck in January!


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