Burton’s Winter Quilt

I had a pile of scraps leftover from the pair of snowflake quilts. And it just felt like it was too much to chop up and toss in the scrap bins… but probably not enough to make another quilt – other than a baby quilt. And as cool as those fabrics are, they just don’t scream “baby quilt” to me.

And then I realized, December is over, but Burton was still using his Christmas quilt on his chaise! The horror!!!!

So I got out the graph paper, did up and quick design, sewed a little and bam!

A quilt top that’s always winter, but never Christmas!!!

Unfortunately, I was going to quilt this at Mom’s this weekend, but weather has prevented me from making the trip. So I’ll probably do some straight line quilting on it today and finish it up for him.

And Burton isn’t picture with this one, because when I sewed it together, he was rather under the weather with an ear infection. But Thursday, we went to the vet. His ears got a good cleaning (which he didn’t appreciate), and they sent us home with some meds and now…

All is right with our world again.

11 thoughts on “Burton’s Winter Quilt

  1. Bummer, I know you really wanted to get those tops quilted! But you will get them done in time. Burton will be thrilled with his new quilt. They are all just so adorable in their own way, so much love in your home.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    The new quilt top is just adorable! Sorry weather postponed your quilting weekend. I have quilted that pattern with a grid and it works well. Glad Burton is feeling better and all is right in your world.


  3. I’m sorry about the weather. I know you wanted to quilt and see Mom and Dad too, but better safe than sorry. Burton is now the proud owner of another beautiful quilt. I’m sure he’ll be willing to share with his siblings. I’m glad he’s feeling better and snuggling with Lemmy again. Those two are just too cute together! 🙂


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