Garden structure

January and February are always the hardest months for me. The weather is usually cold and grey and it’s very hard to do anything outside. And you don’t have the distraction of the holidays like you do in December.

There’s so much I want to get started on, but the ground is too frozen for even the most basic of garden things I want to do.

One of the things I will be doing this year is adding a little “structure” to the garden. I’ve got a couple projects planned but I’m only going to share one today.

You’ve all seen the front of the house:

There’s no denying, it needs a little something. The gardens are helping… but we’ve still got a long way to go. While it’s not an English cottage, I want the gardens and front of the house to have that “cottage garden” feel.

And this will help

I ordered this pretty arbor from a place in Sarnia just after Christmas. It’s sitting in a box on the sun porch just waiting for the day I can put it together.

I think it’s going to look amazing over the front walkway. Especially when the roses I ordered as well start to climb all over it.

The rose on the left is called Eden, and the one of the right is Quicksilver. I’m going to plant one on either side and they can meet in the middle!

Oh spring… please get here soon!!!

6 thoughts on “Garden structure

  1. I visited my artist/cat-lover/native plant Master Gardener friend last weekend, and we were talking plants.
    I’ve started by 2023 plant list, but am also feeling that I need to strengthen my plans for where and what else to do with what I’ve already got.
    We are almost at the end of January, so there’s that!


  2. We’re getting there. February is a short month and then starting in mid-March it is go time. Or at least it should be. With the crazy winter weather we’ve had (or didn’t have), who knows what March will be like.


  3. Araignee

    My crocus are popping up. I just noticed them this morning. Since we had all those trees removed I am wondering if I will have enough sun to plant something interesting this year. I may start out with some pots and maybe drag out my garden wagon and put in some tomatoes in buckets. But then…I’m getting ahead of myself because if I know my trees, the ones we have left will fill in that sun spot in no time-which means them leaning even more towards the house. You can’t win with these guys. We were not meant to be here and they remind me of it every day.


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