Chilly willy

Mid-week this week, we got a good dumping of snow. And it’s been snowing on and off since then so our world is a bit of a winter wonderland.

It’s probably about a foot or so of snow.

You can see from the foot prints around the catio yard, it hasn’t stopped the cats from going outside.

They do like to go out every so often and see what the birds are up to at the feeder. Though they tend not to stay out very long.

All except this one…

While Lemmy does run out on the porch when I go in or out, he STILL hasn’t figured out how the cat doors work. He’s watched the others go in and out since we brought him home on Hallowe’en, but he just hasn’t grasped the concept. He’s cute, but I’m getting the feeling he’s not the brightest cat we’ve ever had.

It’s just as well though. As you can guess with all that snow, it’s cold outside!

Yesterday, Dave and I were in downtown Sarnia (getting new flies and worms for Newt!), which borders the St. Clair River. The other side is Port Huron, MI.

The wind coming across the river from the American side was mighty chilly!

6 thoughts on “Chilly willy

  1. Lemmy is too adorable, and he’s still a kitten; they are NOT the sharpest knives in the drawer.
    Port Huron is only 1 hour north of us; it would be fun to meet up sometime, as I always carry my US/Canada card in my wallet.
    Hope to travel to Point Pelee National Park someday, which is well south of you.
    And Bee Meadow Farm, of course.


  2. Araignee

    All that beautiful snow! Wow…and you were so close to where my son lives in Detroit. He used to live in Iowa when he went to law school and according to him they have SNOW in Iowa. What he gets in Detroit isn’t much apparently. They are saying we might get some flakes later this week. I’ll believe it when I see it.


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