FO: Dozer Dreams

The last quilt I got finished while at Mom’s was the quilt I made for my best friend’s son, Ethan. If you will recall, it’s the top I made in memory of their dog Dozer, who passed last year.

Ethan is in high school now, so I kept the design simple. It’s really just a bottom border and then some 108″ gradient backing to do the rest of the work.

I tried to get the colours on the dog block as close as possible to Dozer as I could… and I think I succeeded.

I forgot to take a proper picture of the back, before I packed it up and put it in the mail, but happily, I snapped this one of Burton who tried to claim it before I got the binding finished.

Naturally, it’s flannel, because there’s nothing better than a flannel back on a snuggly lap quilt!

And that’s it for finished quilts for a while… I have to get some more tops done to take to Mom’s!

9 thoughts on “FO: Dozer Dreams

  1. Araignee

    Awww….that is so sweet. The loss of a pet is so profound. I was bawling out in the yard yesterday over the loss of that outside kitty last fall. It just hits you in waves sometimes when you realize they are not there anymore.


  2. What a sweet quilt. He will love it. And wow, the snow. We have been having flurries and sleet off and on since last week, but thankfully Central Indiana doesn’t get a lot of snow. But I am wishing the sun would come back!!


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