Tiny Needle Tuesday

Ever since the Christmas season ended, I’ve been trying to get back into my regular routine. Before the Christmas rush and bustle, during the weekdays I generally worked the day job during the day (sneaking in a little sewing between work projects when things were slow), and then knit in the evenings after dinner until bed (unless we had errands to run at night).

On weekend, I would sew during daylight hours, and evenings were reserved for cross stitching.

In an effort to get presents done (namely the sweater that didn’t actually get finished), I blew all that up. And I’ve been desperate to get back to it. I find having a routine makes things much less stressful, and much more productive for me.

So this past weekend, I committed to getting back on track. When the weekend rolled around, I dug out a little cross stitch kit I bought last fall, not long after finishing Sewing Kitty.

It’s from the same company that made Sewing Kitty. I’m not overly fond of the wool floss (I don’t hate it, just like regular floss better), but I do love the little card it all comes on. So easy to keep it all organized. And aren’t those foxes just adorable? I thought they were worth working with the wool floss.

I’ve already got one of the foxes mostly done. This one is going to go very quick. Just the thing I need to get me back on track

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