Here we are on February 1st. And let me tell you… my No-Spenduary was a complete bust! It started with that fateful trip to the Antique mall, and after that it was like I was just hemorrhaging money everywhere.

Whenever we went out, I spent money. When we stayed home, I spent money (damn you online shopping!!!)

I bought clothes, I bought plants, I bought fabric. I even bought a new pair of boots, and footwear is something I’ve managed to resist buying for a very long time.

I mean, I’m REALLY happy with them, but I totally didn’t NEED to get them this month. And I certainly didn’t need the clothes, plants, or fabric.

Especially the fabric…. one of the bottoms of the drawers on my stash dresser popped the other day from all the fabric shoved in there.

I certainly didn’t need this.

A little decorative shelf we found at the ReStore. As soon as I picked it up, Dave looked over my shoulder and said it was obviously meant for me. I’ll probably put it up in the studio and stick some plants on it. I certainly need more homes for my plants!

Now this last one… this I needed.

Remember, when I posted about the Antique Mall, I said I was on the hunt for a certain Blue Mountain Pottery fish? Well…

I got it! I found it on FB Marketplace before Christmas. But it was pretty far away – though not too far from Mom’s. I told myself, if it was still online the next time I went down, I would contact the seller. And I did just that. The Saturday morning of my visit, I took Mom out for breakfast, ran a couple errands, and picked up my fish!

It’s actually a vase, there’s a large opening between those upper fins. I plan to get some nice dried grasses and such for it. Doesn’t it look so happy swimming on top of my antique radio?

But, now that February is here, I’m going to start over! Frugal February all the way! It’s only 28 days… I can make… right?!?!

12 thoughts on “Spent

  1. I’ve been spending $$$ too (new washer, rice cooker, etc., etc.) – I figure I’m just helping the economy. Your blue fish is so nice! Love it on your antique radio.


  2. Love the fish! I blew my budget at a JoAnn Fabric online fabric sale. It’s hard to pass up a good deal. I bought fabric for 14 backings, and I’m set for the year and saved a ton of money.


  3. Araignee

    Sorry but it can’t be done. The more you tell yourself not to spend, the more you spend. I had a very wise friend once upon a time who was retired from the administrative part of the police force in Montreal and she always gave me hell about being frugal. Her take was that life was short so why deprive yourself as long as you are not going into debt. She died at 54 from breast cancer and I think of her words everyday. Life is too short to deny yourself what brings you joy. Go for it-and then go back and get some more…lol.


  4. I’m joining you for Frugal February, but I am going more in the direction of no Fabric February. I already had plans to get 2 more hoops for my new embroidery machine, so I knew spending would happen. But I def don’t need any fabric! I got some backing for quilt tops so I can get some of those UFOs out of the closet. But I don’t need any more piecing fabric.


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