Fabulous Finds February

February is almost over, and while it certainly wasn’t frugal, as I planned, there were more fabulous finds!

A couple weekends ago, Mom brought me this – and old Singer treadle machine. It belonged to my Great Grandmother. Sort of… the cabinet was my Great Grandmother’s. But the machine that was originally in it was beyond repair – so a few years ago, Mom replaced it with one in better condition.

Mom’s had the cabinet for as long as can remember. I have very vivid memories of laying on the living room floor with my feet on the pedal, pushing it up and down

The veneer on the piece that folds over and covers the machine was badly damaged, so Dave’s been working on restoring it. But then we stopped into our favourite used store, and I saw this.

For those that aren’t familiar, it’s the coffin top from a similar Singer of the same era. It would have looked something like this.

It’s a different table, but that box would still fit over my machine head… so I grabbed it. When we got home, we moved the machine into it’s semi-permanent spot (it will get moved when we finish other rooms in the house), and I put the coffin top over the machine.

Other than not being attached (it would have been hinged on its original machine) it looks like it belongs there! Dave’s still going to refinish the proper lid for the cabinet, but I think this is a great solution for now. I can always turn the coffin top into something else later.

Here’s a closer look at all those pretty machine details.

The next fabulous find was found the same day and place we found the coffin top.

It’s actually made to go on it’s side, and many of you will recognize it as an open filing cupboard. It probably sat atop a large desk at home point. My first thought when I saw it was… I can put fabric in that!!!

When we got it home, Dave gave it a fresh coat of white paint to match my cutting table/dresser. Then we hefted it up on top (it’s darn heavy)

Naturally, someone had to come in and give it a thorough inspection

I’ve got a stack of comic book boards coming, and when they do, there will be an afternoon of going through the yardage to wrap them all up into mini-bolts of fabric. I’ll share pics of what it looks like when it’s full of a rainbow of fabric!

And last… a few days later, we came across this as another thrift store.

It’s something I’ve been pondering for a while. We mostly use the side door in the kitchen to come and go. But there’s no where to sit and put shoes on. I’ve been looking at them on FB market place, and most people want between $100 and $150. I don’t think that’s outrageous, but you can bet your bottom dollar I was over the moon when I saw this was priced at just $25 at the thrift store!!!

Dave was a little dubious about my vision of where it would go, until I explained that all my shoes that he’s normally kicking around the kitchen can go INSIDE. I’ve never seen a man agree to something so quick in my life.

I cleared out space for it, and immediately, it too was thoroughly inspected and claimed.

It sits just inside the dining room (which faces the kitchen). The side door is just to the left so it’s the perfect place to sit and put on shoes. And since the dining room and kitchen are open concept, the lovely warm pine will be the perfect match to Grandma’s table and hutch when we finally finish that room!

Now there’s only a couple days left in the month. I wonder if any more fabulous finds will find a way to cross my path?

13 thoughts on “Fabulous Finds February

    1. We have a built in bench in our entry; we added it in 2002. It holds our snow boots and bird seed. Regular shoes don’t make it in there!

      I almost bought a Singer treadle machine and cabinet at an auction, and I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t!


  1. Great finds Valerie!! The Singer table looks EXACTLY like the one that was in my Grandmother’s house. Eventually it found it’s way to the kitchen and the toaster sat on it and the drawers were used for a few things. And, eventually, the table found it’s way to my house! I no longer have it – gave it to my nephew’s wife, but what great memories!


  2. Turtle Lover

    I always love your fabulous finds! As soon as you say the word “budget” …. oh I need to stick to the “budget” you will find something LOL


  3. Shirley Elliott

    I absolutely love your fabulous finds! So many of the items are things that would call my name. Since I have downsized and relocated, I will live vicariously thru you.


  4. Araignee

    I learned to sew on a machine just like that one and I’m pretty sure all my great grandmother’s quilts were made with it. I really wish I had kept tabs of what happened to it. I’m pretty sure my mom tossed it at some point.
    I’ve been thinking of getting a bench just like that one to put all these quilts in. The only problem here is that I can’t find a place to put it but I sure would like one.


  5. Lovely finds!! I always look on Marketplace, but have no room for anything new! But, I do plan on adding a scan and cut, so may have to find a table or cabinet to hold it. Wondering just where I am going to find room for that! LOL. And love your L/E blocks! But who knew Lemmy was so good at math?


  6. I can’t believe the wonderful, wonderful finds you found. The sewing machine looks exactly like the one I inherited from my Grandma and learned to sew on. My Step-Mom sold it and kept the money. I was and still am, broken-hearted but what can you do? I have the memories forever.
    The filing rack will be perfect for mini-bolts of fabric. What a gorgeous rainbow you’ll have when it’s filled. The bench is perfect for your needs. I’m still getting rid of things and you’re filling your house up! 🙂
    Have a lovely Tuesday Val.
    Blessings and hugs,


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