Green and growing

This week has been wonderful with daytime temps above freezing all week. And mostly sunny too! I’m hoping the worst of winter is behind, us, but Mother Nature may still come and give us a swift kick in the pants, so I will be cautious in my optimism.

The Winter Aconite continue to bloom, as cheerful as ever

I found several more clumps, bringing my total to five clumps in the front garden, and two clumps in the driveway garden – which sounds about right for what I remember planting. They should multiply and get better each year.

I’ve got three little clumps of snow drops blooming.

I planted a lot more than just three clumps, but I’ve read that snow drops can be fussy to get going. Once they do though… look out! I can’t wait for these to become more spectacular each year.

I’m a little jealous because my neighbour has some front beds just bursting with blooming crocuses right now. I planted lots but none are in bloom yet. I guess hers are just more established (they get the same amount of sun).

And there’s lots of daffies, tulips, and hyacinths coming up everywhere so even though it’s starting slower than I would like (and it always does), it’s going to be a spectacular spring.

Elsewhere, the pink pussywillows have turned dark grey (as they do – it’s not a surprise). The black pussywillow is just starting to emerge. It doesn’t get as much sun as the pink does. And the regular pussywillow gets even less, so it’s just starting to bud up.


The white orchid has finally opened up. It’s so delicate and pretty.

As did this amazing showy one. Sadly, as I was trying to get a picture, I broke off the whole darn bloom stem! GRRRR! I was so upset. I’ll have to try to get this one to bloom again, because it was so darn pretty!

And last…

Did you know Tradescantia (inch plant) blooms??? I had no idea! Apparently Mom did. And so did Samantha. And Krista! Maybe I was the only one. Either way, I was thrilled to find this one (which lives in my bedroom window) blooming away!

7 thoughts on “Green and growing

  1. Beautiful flowers.

    We have winter aconite in our grass. Grrrrrrr… Not even sure how it got there. I’m thinking of transplanting some of it to the front garden where we need some “ground cover”.


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