Friday felines

After Hallowe’en, I promptly packed away my skeleton collection and put them in the office closet to away the next year. All but Dr. Bones, my full-size skeleton. He was too big for a bin – even folded up. So, naturally, I plopped him on top of the cat tree in my office, and there he’s sat for the the last several months. (and the cat tree is just behind my left shoulder when I sit at my desk, so let me tell you, that’s been quite the conversation starter in some work meetings!)

I’ve been waiting for Dave to put some ceiling hooks up for several of my hanging plants – I figured we could pop one more in the corner of the office for Dr. Bones. There he could hang out and be out of the way.

Finally, I got fed up with waiting, grabbed the drill and demanded Dave show me what I had to do to put the hooks in. Turns out it was super easy, and with in an hour, I had 8 plants hanging in various rooms, and Dr. Bones was finally at home, out of the way in the corner of the office.

( I can’t wait until we get rid of this ugly wallpaper and re-do this room!)

And of course, that mean the cat tree was free again for the actual cats….

Burton and Lemmy were thrilled to have it accessible again.

They immediately started getting reacquainted with it.

I imagine they are going to lead to some more interesting work meeting discussions!

8 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. Araignee

    Dr Bones looks very handsome hanging there with the kitties! I had to go back and read it again because at first I thought you were hanging him to use for plants. I was wondering what you were going to plant in him….lol.


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