Chickens in my head

Ever since we brought the wooden shoe bench home, I’ve had plans to make some sort of cushion/cover for it.

As you know, I’m working with a chicken theme for the kitchen. And I just happened to have a pile of chicken fabrics left over from that chicken quilt I made ages ago.

After I finished up the red blocks on Sunday, Burton and I put our heads together, and in a surprisingly short amount of time…

We’d created a lovely little top! The chicken block is the same one I used for the chicken quilt. The chicks were a bit of a challenge. I looked a couple inspiration pic on the internet, and managed to draft up something that worked. I am definitely getting much better at that!

The background fabric is the same chicken wire fabric I used in the original chicken quilt. And it’s hard to see, but the border is all little chicky footprints. Mom was doing an order at Collecting Threads, and that was on sale so I asked her to order me a yard or two (I got it in an off-white too!)

It still needs to be quilted, but I think it’s going to look amazing as a bench topper!

9 thoughts on “Chickens in my head

  1. Araignee

    It’s perfect! I was just looking at a chicken cross stitch project and of course it was out of stock. It must be the time of year for chickens.


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