FO: Sewing on the back porch

I said the other day that my to-quilt pile was growing. On the weekend I decided to tackle the biggest of them, and after part of a morning and the full afternoon, the quilting was done.


It took the whole evening to finish the binding, but I’m happy to say “Sewing on My Back Porch” (The Time to Sew quilt) is done!


This one is a beast – about 80″ square. It’s not the most complex quilt I’ve done (Cat Fancy still holds that title) but it’s definitely second. That said, with Jenny’s tutorial, it’s really not that hard. And I love the secondary patterns created when the spool blocks come together.


This quilt had been planned for quilte a while, so I had the backing fabric tucked away (bought last year during one of Craftsy/Bluprint’s sales). The purple floral was gorgeous enough on it’s own, but also a perfect match for some of the purple in the quilt. The binding is leftover from the back of Autumn A-Whirl, and it matches some of the spool fabric quite nicely.

After taking photos, I left it folded up on the couch. This quilt is destined for the occaional guests who used our sofa bed, so it will spend most of it’s time tucked away in my blanket box. But before I put it there, I wanted to give it a wash and dry.


But I guess I have to wait until Relic is finished with it…


10 thoughts on “FO: Sewing on the back porch

  1. Shirley

    Didn’t you know that every quilt needs to be cat tested and approved??? It is a beautiful quilt and will be so cheerful for your guests. I would probably try to figure out a way to display it instead of putting it in the blanket box. The backing is just wonderful on its own.


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